Vandalism On Our Trail

This summer, while a great many people have been enjoying our trail, a number of acts of vandalism have taken place there. Permanent marks have been scored with a knife on the expensive plexiglass that protects one of our new signs, a 22 bullet has been shot into another sign, the chain on one gate was taken off and stolen, the chain on another one was cut loose and a garbage drum was stolen but the garbage left. Several off road vehicles have been illegally using public roads to access the trail using the openings made by the vandalism.

The O.P.P. and Woodstock Police need identification details about the vandals. If you see any one abusing the trail please call the police.


Was this rider looking out for walkers?

Communities’ Money Paid For This:

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2 thoughts on “Vandalism On Our Trail”

  1. the image of the bullet in the sign is a clear fake. thats simply not how a bullet works, it does not take the shell casing with it.

    1. Andrew, yes the bullet was placed in the hole manually. The photographer was trying to ascertain the size of the bullet, and therefore the type of gun, that was used. Sorry if the picture was misleading.

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