First Bridge for Hickson Trail

Not very beautiful eh?  However, the metal structure is sound and suits the trail’s need beautifully.  Now located at the East Zorra-Tavistock Yard this 4 ton truck trailer bed is waiting to be moved, in the near future, to its permanent site.  There a cement block support, a new wooden floor and wooden railings will all be added as outlined by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority.  The trailer bed was purchased from Mike Hartstein at the Hog Assembly Yard in Stratford.  Thank you for your good service Mike!

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Almost ready for Phase I

We are almost ready to change this view into a beautiful crossing of Mud Creek on the Hickson Trail.  We need only $3,500 more to begin construction way ahead of our schedule.

Hickson Trail at Jim Mason’s farm

Please, if you can, donate NOW if you haven’t already.


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