Tree Trimming on Centre & South Sections of the Trail

Now Spring is here (or supposed to be) we have hired Bower Hill Services Inc. of Woodstock to trim and brush the older sections of the Hickson Trail between County Road 17 and Braemar Road – approximately 6.5 km in length.  You can see what a difference it is making.  Photo courtesy of Kristoff Küche.  We should be able to keep this open by cutting the trail with a heavy duty lawn mower throughout the growing season.

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Woodstock Field Naturalists First Hike on North Section Hickson Trail

On Sunday, 12 Nov 2017, about 30 Woodstock Field Naturalists and guests went for their first hike on the newest section of the Hickson Trail.  The Field Naturalists have done clean up work on the central and southern portions of the trail and no doubt will take a personal interest in the north section as it develops. 

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Home Town Program Grant from Frank Cowan Insurance

On Friday, November 10th, about 3 p.m., Jessica Jaremchuk, Regional Manager Frank Cowan Insurance, presented the Hickson Trail Committee with cheques totalling $5,000.  Thank you Jessica and Frank Cowan Insurance!!

Shown below, just north of the Braemar Road entrance, are Ted Douglas, James Bond, Markley Bond, Ross Campbell-Chair of the Hickson Trail Committee, Jessica Jaremchuk, Maureen Ralph, East Zorra-Tavistock Deputy Mayor, Sharron Skevington, and Richard Skevington.

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